Why Parachute Marketing?

With marketing experience that covers the entire marketing spectrum from market research to product management to outbound marketing and PR campaigns, Parachute Marketing has the marketing expertise needed to develop and implement your marketing initiatives.

With years of experience, the Parachute Marketing team quickly understands your organization and its marketing challenges. Parachute Marketing provides you the skills, processes, and discipline needed to develop and execute an effective marketing program that combines the emerging needs of potential customers with the innate competencies of your organization. We know what needs to be done and how to get it done quickly and cost effectively.

Parachute Marketing Saves You Money

Parachute Marketing employs an out-tasked marketing services business model. This provides the flexibility to bring in talented, knowledgeable marketing experts when and where you need them. As a result, your business will:

  • Minimize marketing costs
  • Maintain focus on core compentencies
  • Achieve faster time-to-market
  • Increase profits
  • Improve marketing productivity
  • Increase ROI for marketing activities investments
  • Respond quickly to new market opportunities

Communication – Awareness – Recognition


Marketing Strategies

A well-defined Marketing Strategy with clearly articulated objectives is the blue-print for marketing success. Successfully defining marketing objectives is achieved by follow the “Smart” model where marketing objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-related.

Marketing Communications

Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications plan is a necessity in today’s world of online and offline marketing. Creating and communicating a consistent message across all marketing vehicles is critical in building a successful brand.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is communicating with potential customers without “selling” to them. As a key component to an overall marketing strategy, successful content marketing attracts and retains customers by educating them with relevant and valuable information.

Public Relations

In today’s world of instant and constant communication, managing and maintaining a positive public image is vital to business success. A carefully developed Public Relations Strategy helps organizations build and maintain credibility with the various market audiences.

Social Media

Social Media is a critical component for marketing and business success in today’s global marketplace. A well-defined Social Media Strategy with clearly defined objectives, tactics and metrics provides a path for positive online interaction with current and potential customers.

Website Development

A well designed website built on a flexible and adaptable platform such as WordPress is a critical element to a business marketing strategy that allows you to rapidly implement new marketing initiatives and generate demand through the internet.

Focused On the Success of Our Clients


The skills, processes and discipline to develop and implement your marketing strategy.


Parachute Marketing offered the ideal solution for our marketing needs. As a seasoned professional in marketing, Diane injected our organization with the expertise we needed to grow our business. From messaging, tradeshows, press releases, advertising, web development and graphic design, Diane pulled it all together into a cohesive strategy that was right for us. Diane spent our marketing dollars as if they were her own and went out of her way to ensure we received the services we needed at the best possible price. Diane worked tirelessly as part of our team, worked well under pressure and met all our deadlines. Most importantly, the marketing efforts orchestrated by Diane contributed significantly in creating the largest pipeline of prospective clients our company has seen in years.

Alex Kunczynski, Co-founder and President

D&K Engineering, Inc.

Diane had one of the most difficult management challenges that I have ever seen at Kelly’s Mission Rock, and she handled it with charm, expertise and aplomb. Absolutely nothing flustered her. She was required to turn from politics to general personnel management to financial management almost every day, and she did it smoothly and calmly. I have been connected to many managers in my years in the hospitality business and never have I seen anyone handle so much activity so quickly, calmly and without wasting resources. Diane’s ability to handle the problems that arose (including major litigation) all the while keeping a careful eye on her budget and her bottom line was exceptionally impressive.

John A. Hinman, Senior Partner

Hinman & Carmichael, LLC

Diane is a talented marketing professional with a unique capability of finding clear, concise ways of communicating complex subjects. Diane won’t simply give you the answers you thought you wanted, but will utilize her background, knowledge and experience to create a compelling case for what needs to be done. She does this with the right balance of directness and sensitivity. She is effective at creating an strengthening all forms of marketing content and activities to ensure your marketing campaign gets the right messages across to the right audience at the right time.

Jeffrey Anderson, President

High Regard Software, Inc.

When it comes to developing new business today, we have found our success increasingly depends on our firm’s ability to differentiate and sell itself … in writing and in-person. While our relationships, of course, are still our important asset, but as we have found, the most we can expect from those relationship is either a reference or an opportunity to bring value to the client. However, to bring value, we needed to bring clarity to our marketing communications. As a group of corporate researchers, Parachute Marketing took our complex information and effectively positioned our firm to have the opportunity to get in front of the senior leadership of some very large organizations. Diane’s role was as our contract VP of Marketing and Business Development has made us feel empowered to make the changes necessary to increase our firm’s ‘win-rate’. Diane is the consummate marketing professional; it is clear that she has been there and done that before.

Doyle W. Young, Founder & CEO

EverChange Group

Diane understands the needs of clients and intuitively creates effective marketing programs for their product and/or service. She is very good at helping to give the client the “big picture’, helping them to look ahead to leverage newly-designed work as well as focusing on promoting their brand.

David Clarke, President

David Clarke Design

Parachute Marketing has been a business partner for over 8 years and has provided exceptional marketing support for my clients in a professional and timely manner. Parachute’s services have included marketing communications, project management and marketing analysis and strategy which has provide significant value to a large portion of my clients. I rely on and have a great degree of confidence that Diane will continue to provide outstanding services to my clients and my firm.

Oscar J. Muro, CEO

Rhino Web Group, LLC

I have been in business for over 50 years and have built and sold several large, international companies, during that time. As one can imagine when creating a start-up and building a strong foundation to support its growth you need a team of dedicated and talented people. This is where you need to engage people who specialize in building an infrastructure to allow for growth in many areas. Marketing, point of sale literature, e-brochures, forms, web development, press releases …. All if done correctly can take a start-up to the next level, quickly and without the need to re-create anything at a later date. Since meeting Diane Law, last February, she has become an asset and a key player in our growth process. She is knowledgeable, intelligent and an out-of-the-box thinker. Diane, from our first conversation, displayed a level of business acumen rarely seen when outsourcing tasks. Most importantly, Diane listens to your wants, needs and desires. I recommend Diane and her team at Parachute Marketing to anyone who is interested in not wasting time or money and getting the job completed, ON TIME and CORRECT the first time.

Ron Zilberbrand, Founder/CEO

AeroEngine Protection Corp (AEPC)

The Marketing Expertise to develop and implement your marketing initiatives.

About Us

Successful marketing on an international scale takes unique skills, including a global mindset, creativity, a truly collaborative nature, and a bit of daring. Diane Law has leveraged those strengths, as well as an excellent academic background and work history, in consistently achieving business, revenue, and market share growth. Knowledgeable about a broad range of industries, from technology to healthcare, she has quickly stepped in, evaluated needs, assessed existing marketing plans, and developed innovative programs that encompassed all marketing strategies and delivery channels.

In senior marketing executive and consulting roles, Diane has excelled in boosting revenues, capturing key accounts, and launching well-received products and services. Among Diane’s expertise is accessing all marketing channels including social media and Internet resources in propelling the brand into new markets, demographics, and regions. She has taken companies to the next level of sales and industry standing, earning praise as “the consummate marketing professional” in empowering businesses to make the changes necessary to increase each company’s ‘win rate.’ As one former employer aptly put it, “Diane has a talent for delivering strategic thinking and execution that give organizations visibility, competitive edge, and measurable ROI.”

In her various positions, she substantially increased sales (more than 50% within 18 months), brokered deals with key accounts, and led companies to new and profitable marketing channels. She also gained extensive international experience, collaborating with teams and partners in Asia, Europe, Canada, South America, and Australia.

She is committed to lifelong learning and is dedicated to sharing her expertise. Diane holds MBA, MS, and BS degrees with concentrations in business, marketing, management and accounting.

Parachute Marketing helps you plant the right seeds to grow your business.

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